Conjugation In The Past

I’m going back.

Now, I will teach you about conjugation in the past. Usually, in a sentence we would find like this “Examination is easy yesterday”, that means “easy” must be changed to past.

For show it that’s past, then we must add “Datsuta ” [ だつた ] in the last of noun or adjective. And it will be :

easy [ かんたん ] –> かんたんだつた “Kantandatsuta”

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Conjugation Negatively

Let’s learn again for this section. Now I will teach you about how to use conjugation negatively for noun or adjectival.

Just use じゃない [ Jannai ] in last position at each noun or adjectival.

For examples :

  1. [ ともだち ] Tomodachi = Friend  => [ ともだちじゃない ] Tomodachi Jannai = Not friend
  2. [ きれい ] Kirei = Beautiful => [ きれいじゃない ] Kirei Jannai = Not beautiful

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Faithful, Do you have?

It’s still part of us. Faithful as  a characteristic shows people to believe each God.

Here is music video shows us. I created it with my friends.

Lyrics :
Andai matahari di tangan kananku
Takkan mampu mengubah yakinku
Terpatri dan takkan terbeli dalam lubuk hati
Bilakah rembulan di tangan kiriku
Takkan sanggup mengganti imanku
Jiwa dan raga ini apapun adanya
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Vocabulary and Expression in Japanese

Hallo, friends. I come back to you.

I will explain some vocabularies and expressions where it usually uses. But, you must understand what is Hiragana [ ひらがな ]. Because I will take it by Hiragana letters.

These are vocabularies and expressions:

Tsukareta  [ つかれた ] = Tired

Kanashii  [ かなしい ] = Sad

Fuanna  [ ふあんな ] = Nervous

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Ramadhan has arrived

Ramadhan usually called by moslem people in the world. You can not eat or drink after sunrise, not be able to bad act like Lie, Steal, and others. All moslem people in the world have to keep from hunger and thirsty, start form sunrise until sunset. If sunset arrive, Adzan will reverberate from every mosque. That is sign for moslem people to Iftar. Ramadhan

What food to eat first? Muhammad prophet had told us, that we must eat Kurma (Date Palm). You know that Continue reading